Not What I Expected
Noah's Journal

So, Gwen keeps calling me a robot. I don’t think she knows how scared I am about what happened in the video, but if I am a robot/cyborg/android then I think Magic is too.
I still don’t want to think about whats going on with me just yet, so I’m going to focus on our group goal of getting public opinion on our side so the Government can’t make us disappear so easily.
Speaking of which; TED gave us a couple of false starts after the convenience store prediction.
We ended up roaming North Minneapolis via bus for a few nights before stumbling on a gal who works at a women’s shelter by day and apparently kicks their abuser’s asses at night. Gwen spotted the gal at a dive bar and told us that she was up to something. Sure enough she followed some guy out of the bar and smashed his face through driver-side car window before sprinting off.
The Professor started after her and pulled out his sword. Me and Magic were farther away but Magic kicked into overdrive and pulled ahead of us. I activated my boost and pretty soon caught up with Magic just as she was yanking the gal off of a motorcycle that was full-throttle! I decided to go after the bike to keep it from running anyone down while The Professor did his blizzard blade thing. Magic had the gal on the ground by the time I killed the ignition on the bike and I went to help keep her that way.
In the short amount of time we had before the police arrived (Gwen called them!?), we learned the gal’s name (Natalie) and the rest of her story.
We decided that she should come with us and I ended up riding passenger on her motorcycle as she followed Gwen and the others to our hideout.
We had a long debate over whether or not what Natalie was doing was right and whether we were any better. I’m not sure if we came to an agreement but Natalie did happen to slip away and take off before we were finished.
I don’t know; I think Natalie is justified in what she is doing. I’d like to find her and let her know that she can count on me if she ever needs some help.

Oh yeah, we are calling ourselves The Guardians and gave ourselves code-names so the media doesn’t do it for us. I’m Counter Strike, Magic is Overdrive, the Professor is Rune Sword and Gwen is Mood Ring.

Day 1

Entry 1:
I don’t even know where to begin… In a single day I have lost my career, my life’s work, my friends and well my life as I know it… I feel like I have been in daze the last 24 hours and I’m in one of dreams that feel so real but you just hope its not… Sure enough this isn’t a dream. I’m literally sleeping in an office/warehouse in a cot with strangers who also seem to be different like I am but in totally different ways. Honestly, I’m just trying not to loose my mind right now over today’s events. I hope logging this journal will help sort some stuff out or at least be an important record for later down the road.

I got this mysterious letter at work today that someone knows about my “special abilities” and the are a “friend” which freaked me the hell out! The only person who should know anything is Daniel. He’s the one who helped me find information who knows where in the deep web; which lead to my discovery of my powers I guess you could call them. Speaking of which I should follow up with Sydney I hope she was able to retrieve and wipe out my computer before whatever government agency took control of it. At least the files I told her anyways… if Daniel got wind of something I’m sure he could have also taken care of it for me but I don’t even know who to trust anymore… Could he have tipped them off? It is really scary to think about…

Anyways, sorry my mind tends to wander sometimes. I don’t know why I blindly went to meet this “special friend” looking back on that it could have gone very very badly. This is when I first encountered my new friends and this reporter. He got some information leaked to him about us and what we’re capable of doing but before we could indulge in more details I noticed that some people were paying a little much attention to us and seemed to just not fit quite in with the scenery. The reporter couldn’t even keep his cool which had me worried because if he can’t keep it together then what he knows must be even worse than my gut is telling me. We quickly formed a plan of getting my solid information from the reporter so we had to follow him to a safe deposit box. Gwen had another obligation so she didn’t go. So me Noah… and the German Professor (I’m not even going to attempt to spell his name right now) got in my car to go to the bank.

Sure enough! Like my day couldn’t get any more bizarre ( and again why am I following along with all this hoopla? I don’t know why I didn’t just book it out of the cafe when I had the chance.; I suppose in my gut I knew I wanted to know what these people had on me but I wish I would have known that this was the decision that would change my life forever.) While were waiting to get access to the safe deposit box some robbers come stranding in OF COURSE! And guess who it is? You guessed it! Those people I noticed from the cafe, BIG SURPRISE! NOT! For just a split second I thought maybe the universe was laughing at me putting me in the wrong place at the wrong time but when they were not making the sweep for money they were looking for someone(s) and you guessed it those people were us. Dun DUH!

I was trying to keep my composure while a million scenarios raced through my head while they escorted us out of the building. Are we going to fight and run? Are they going to kill us? Who are they? Should I make the first move? Who can I take out? Do I even know how to control myself outside of my lab in a non controlled zone? Before I could make a plan suddenly the young guy (Noah) flexes his legs and is leaping over the van?! I saw that right? He just jumped over a vehicle? WTF! Can I do that? I don’t want to find out… Before I could even think my reflexes took over and got in my “zone” and tackled the lady robber. The german professor guy did something while my back was turned I felt a blast of chilly air and all of the sudden another our captors is down and looking frosty! I was tangling with the lady and I totally close lined her! It was AMAZING! I didn’t even know I could do that! Heh…

Gwen with great timing showed up to hustle us out of there. My adrenaline is rushing and I’m thinking " I just met these people not even 2 hours ago and we’ve already been almost kidnapped and now we’re running from who knows what! What the hell is going on!"

While we were all gathering our thoughts and scrambling our brains on what just happened and why. We had the brilliant idea to stash our phones on buses so if they tried to track us they would hopefully be delayed by a false lead, let’s hope that ties them up for awhile.

After we lost our phone we followed the only clue we had the reporters card. We decided to go to a library where we could use a computer. The professor and I went in while the other two stayed in the car. It took longer than I would have liked but eventually I found some interesting articles about the reporter with potential contact info on it. When I printed out the papers there was a weird barcode on the bottom that didn’t match anything on the other pages. We did the only logical thing at the time and used the little scanner next to the computers for checking out books or whatever. and just like in the spy movies it pulled up a secret message on the computer! squee! the nerd inside me was dying a little but I managed to tame my excitement. It had a location and info about something called “super friend” being the only lead we had we headed out.

It lead us to this warehouse office type area and with the kind of day we were having this definitely felt like a set up. Gwen and the professor headed in to scope out the joint and came back when they said they found what we were looking for and it wasn’t a trap.

That’s when we met Sidney. She is little awkward but she means well she gave the low down as quickly as she could and it was really overwhelming to say the least. Apparently some special task force has somehow started being able to find “special” people and have been tracking them down and “recruiting” them. Aka taking them and experimenting on them probably… She also said that some of those people more or less are just missing which is just terrfying.

She apparently is a computer techno genius and would definitely give Daniel a run for his money. She said she came across our files that they had compiled on us and were the only known ones in the area so she reached out to us via the reporter. I am sure glad she did, it’s terrifying to think of what could be happening right now if we were at our jobs or homes and they caught us. After some more introductions and assessments of the new and quickly spiraling situation were in we decide to take a breather and get some food.

While were at Applebee’s and realizing we really don’t know each other but were in this situation together now feel slightly more at ease but that quickly goes away when we’re given the heads up to book it out of there the cops are on our tails. Which now that I think about it I wonder why they are after us? We were the victims of an attempted kid napping today. What did whatever agency tell them about us?

We head to target and stock up on some supplies since it seems like it’s going to be quite awhile or never that I’ll be back at my place with my things. I get myself and noah some gear and he insists on ski masks like the kind that instantly makes you look like a robber… But whatever we got to do what makes us feel at ease at this point.

We head back to Sidney’s and that when we somehow get to the plan that we need to be known to the public that we’re not dangerous before the mayor tells the public otherwise. We decide to see if we can handle a small situation using out gifts and with the help of TED Sid’s super awesome AI computer he figures out the probability of a gas station getting robbed not to far away. Now, I know what you’re thinking. I’m going to try and stop a robbery from happening with people I just met today? Why yes, yes we are… With our flying by the seat of our pants plan we heat out. Gwen is staying in the car to film whatever happens. Noah and I are staking out the two possible locations that it can happen and the professor is standing by with Gwen ready to jump into action.

As soon as we get the heads up that it’s going down where Gwen is myself and Noah hustle over to the place. Noah takes off before I can and when I book it around the corner I’m stunned for a moment. The professor is inside where a gunman is holding up the cashier and he uses this new sword to basically freeze the guy! WHAT THE HELL!

Noah is going after the guy in the car. I take the moment to toughen myself up because it looks like the guy in the car is going to shoot the professor in the back, he didn’t even notice Noah going around to the other side. I get to doorway of the store fully ready to act when I hear what sounds likes a car crashing into another. The get away car is now turned up on its side! I step out the way so it doesn’t hit me. Did Noah do that?! How? I am momentarily stunned as I see around the car what appears to be Noah sparking?… he has wires and moving parts that are definitely not human organs. WTF! Is he a robot like a terminator robot??? Before I can even think of anything the professor goes to deal with the guy in the car and Noah. When my thoughts are more together I go in the store to make sure the cashier is okay and he is clearly in shock. The guy on the ground that got iced is starting to squirm. I make myself stronger and heavier and hog tie the idiot.

We quickly head out and Noah looks like a wreck but he appears to be healing? Gwen explains that he ran into the vehicle and we watched the video in awe. I can’t believe he did that and survived?!! What is he?! I hope he’s a good terminator. Is it bad that part of me wish I could go back to my lab with him to do some research and testing?

We’ve been back at base super friends all riled up from adrenaline and what just happened and the day is just starting to sink in now. Did we over do it? We really don’t know our powers from what I can tell and the amount of crazy that just happened to stop 2 robbers might just scare people instead of getting them on our side. It certainly could have gone much worse and that video Gwen got is certainly going to go viral but is it going to get us the good press that we were looking for? I hope it does…

Is this my life now? This isn’t exactly what I was imaging would happen when I wished to find out more about why I’m different and about the other’s I’ve heard about. Will we ever go back to our old lives? What is going to happen to our friends and family?

Also we really need to figure out some way of getting some funds for actual beds and supplies and really look at the big picture…


Wir gehen jetzt mit Lichtgeschwindigkeit
So much for subtlety.

I am undergoing a change.

Not just with regard to my new power, but I am changing my views and my attitude toward all of this. I have already seen what harm this power can do. Now my new friends have helped me see how I can use it to help. I find myself slowly letting go of my fears and reservations.

But I cannot let go of all of them. Yes, I have a conscience. Yes, I feel horrible every day. But if I am to get on with my life (my new life, I suppose) I must put it behind me for now. No matter how much good I do, no matter how confident I become, I will always harbor that fear and guilt. No amount of light can fully dispel the darkness.

Anyway. Ich bekomme zu düster. The reason I write today is to look forward as I reflect on the last couple of days. I decided to make use of my recreational kendo training and purchased a fine katana. Now that I have inscribed the rune onto the sword, I have something other than my arm with which to channel my power. Also, it looks much cooler than just waving my arms around crazily.

The rune continues to rise unbidden to my mind, but I am finding myself able to resist carving it into the nearest wall. I have noticed, however, that other images are creeping into my mind. It is like knowing a snippet of a song but being unable to recall it fully. Does this confirm my suspicion that other runes exist like the one I am able to use? I know it is impossible for me to return to my studies at the University, but I must return at some point to gather some research materials that may be of use.

For now, I rely on the hospitality of our new friend, Cydney. I hope to be able to repay my debt someday. Until then, we will continue to try to earn some debts from the good people of our city.

Super Friends and WTFing
Adventure 1

Geez, sorry if there are typos, but the screen is so bright, it’s hard to see even with my shades on. This crappy Walmart phone is probably broken but I’m stuck with it for now. I already miss my iPHONE! Anyway…

I wouldn’t say my life was uninteresting before… but it sure as hell got crazy the last few days. Right now I’m in hiding from the government (i guess?) because they think I’m either involved in a group of super heroes… or they think I’m a super hero myself. A few days ago, I would have thought that was the pilot episode for the new “Heroes” reboot on NBC, but no, that’s just my life now.

I always KNEW there was something crazy out there that we didn’t understand. I mean, I’ve always been a fan of super hero stories and stuff, and it makes sense that those stories come from a grain of truth from somewhere. And it also kinda makes sense that this particular genre is SO POPULAR right now. Sorry for rambling, it’s just been a lot to wrap my mind around.

So yeah, in hiding. Got a few new friends out of the deal. Maggie, Noah, Billdin (? he has a heavy German accent, so i don’t know if i heard him right so i’ll just call him bill) and Sidney. Sidney is some kind of super computer genius that figured out how to get us to find her. Which was really helpful because we were all freaking out after escaping the bank robbers. Her, Maggie, and Noah are super chill. Bill makes me nervous. He’s got a lot going on in his head and he’s suspiciously quiet. Plus he has a creepy Mr. Freeze vibe. Noah might be a robot. Although, I feel kind of bad for him because I don’t think he knows it yet. What a bummer to wake up one day to find out your a robot. Although maybe it would be worth it if you could download skills and stuff in your brain like in the Matrix. But now that I think about it… He can’t totally be a robot because I can tell that he has emotions… And Sydney’s computer AI buddy doesn’t have any of that. Maybe Noah’s part robot – like the borg. No, hopefully not like the borg.

It’s kind of cool to be caught up with this group, but I feel completely out of place. I’ve seen them jump over cars, freeze bank robbers, and all sorts of bad ass things. Who am I? Yeah, I can see some weird things, but I’ve always been under the impression that it’s Synesthesia. There are no comic books about people that can see emotions and junk. What would they even call me? Ugh, the mood ring. Noah seems to like that name. LAME!

Anyway, even if I don’t have super powers, it’s not like I can go back home right now. We’re trying to figure out what we’re going to do because we would be pretty tasty treats for a secret government group that is trying to get their hands on people with “unique abilities” like my friends. And since I’ve been implicated with them, I’d better lay low too.

Well, kinda laying low. We’ve decided that we’re going to fight some crime and try to give super heroes some good press so that politicians like that blow hard Amy Klein will make life a little easier for my friends. Our first foray in to crime fighting went relatively well since no one died. Actually, looking back on it, there were guns and doped up meth heads, so it went FANTASTICALLY well. We’re all in one piece and I got a video of the whole thing. I don’t know what exactly we’ll do with the video, but we’ll figure it out soon. I’m thinking we’ll post it on Reddit to start getting the word out?

So what’s next?

First, get a better group name. “Super Friends” for right now… we can do better than that.
Second, ????
Last, profit!!!

Pilot Episode
Noah's Journal

I have been unable to do anything to distract myself for more than a few minutes before I start thinking about what happened and when I try to put it all together in my mind, I just end up getting more confused and anxious. So now I’ve decided to start keeping a journal. Maybe it will help me figure things out before I go crazy.

Yesterday I found a hand-written note in my mail slot informing me that someone knew about my ‘special abilities’ and if I wanted to find out more I could meet up at the coffee shop down the block. It was signed ‘a friend’.

Long story short: I met this ‘friend’. He is a reporter for some news site or something and he had invited other people to our meeting – a couple of pretty gals and a middle aged guy. The reporter told us that we were all on a government list and other people on the same list were going missing! He said that he had a contact from within a group called, I kid you not, The Super Friends. We asked to see proof of what he was telling us and he said he would take us to the bank where he kept the documents in a safe deposit box.

A couple of people sitting alone at different tables nearby were paying too much attention to us so we decided to leave and go right to the bank. The reporter took off and one of the gals offered to drive me and the middle-aged guy to the bank. The other gal said she had another commitment and left on her own.

When we got to the bank, the reporter told us to wait in the lobby for him to get the documents from his deposit box. No sooner than he was out of sight, a couple of masked robbers burst in and ordered everyone down at gunpoint! Instead of robbing the bank, they came right for us and herded us outside towards a big white van.

I knew that I had to do something before we were forced into the van and as soon as I thought about an escape route, the crazy heads-up display from before appeared in front of me and I chose the symbols that boosted my strength.
The van’s side door slid open and another masked dude was inside. I didn’t wait to see what he would do before I jumped over the van! I barely skimmed the top and landed on the other side. There was sounds of a scuffle from the other side but before I could decide what to do, the driver’s door opened and a masked guy was getting out. I lunged and slammed the door on him. Hard. Twice. Thinking back on it, I might have really hurt him. I have to be more careful when I’m boosted or whatever.

I heard a car pull up and it was Gwen. I guess she must have changed her mind and followed us to the bank. She yelled at us to get in and we all took off. I looked back as we peeled out and saw the gunmen were all laid out at the van. I guess the others must actually have ‘special abilities’ too.

The reporter must have bugged out and we were worried that whoever tried to kidnap us could track our phones so we ditched them at various places as we drove along and tried to decide what to do. The other gal who said her name was Magic said we should try to find the reporter again. The older guy who turned out to be a Professor of linguistics suggested using the computers at a library – or was it the other way around? – Whatever.

We stopped at a library and Gwen and I sat awkwardly in the car while the other two went in. Oh yeah, Gwen has a business reading palms and talking to spirits or something but she keeps telling us that she’s a fake psychic, so there’s that too.

When Magic and the Professor came back they told us that they figured out where the reporter’s contact was and it wasn’t too far away. We decided to go introduce ourselves and a while later we were in an office/machine shop in the warehouse district talking to a mousy girl who told us she found out the Government was tracking anyone they suspected had super powers. She decided to warn us and others by contacting the reporter who would pass us the info. OK…So, now what?

The mousy girl, Cydney, told us that a local Senator was heading an off-book operation to find people like us and it didn’t seem that we’d be treated well once we were found. If we wanted to be safe we had to let the public know what was happening but since most people would be afraid of us, we should do something to sway opinion in our favor before going public.

So I mentioned that it would be nice if Gwen the psychic could predict where a crime or disaster was about to happen so we could help out. I wasn’t sure what the others could do (they weren’t very clear when I asked), but I knew that I could be useful in showing people that we weren’t a threat – that we were actually good guys. Gwen reiterated that she wasn’t psychic but Cydney said she could program her A.I. to extrapolate probabilities or something and that it would be basically the same thing. Yeah, Cydney has a custom A.I. named Ted.

We made a run to Walmart where Magic bought both of us a change of clothes and a ski-mask and the others bought various necessities and burner phones since it looked like we were going to be staying at Cydney’s place for a while. For some reason the Professor wanted a sword (Yeah, I know) and knew where to get one! We went back to Cydney’s shop and got some sleep.

The next morning we asked Ted if he had any leads and sure enough, he did. He said that there was a high probability that a local gas station was going to be robbed in the afternoon.
So we staked out the gas station with the Professor looking really suspicious circling the lot with his sword mostly hidden from view and me, Magic, and Gwen in her car across the street. The plan was for Gwen to record the heroics while the Professor saved the day and me and Magic stayed nearby as backup.

Sure enough, a POS Buick roared up sidelong right outside the front doors and the Professor sprinted across the lot as a strung out looking dude lurched out of the passenger seat and into the store. Magic and I got out of Gwen’s car and hurried into position in the lot. I activated my strength boost.
I could see the dude in the store already had a gun waving around in the cashier’s face and the Professor had his sword out! He took a swing at the guy and even though he wasn’t close enough to hit, the guy went rigid, dropped his gun and spun into a display before hitting the floor. I saw the driver of the Buick had a gun too and he was pointing it across the passenger seat at the Professor. I knew I didn’t have time to be fancy so I just sprinted at the car hoping I could maybe break out the driver-side window or jostle the car enough to throw off his aim.

I guess I was moving a lot faster than I thought because when I hit the car it sounded like an explosion and IT HURT! The impact shattered the glass and caved-in the whole side of the car. My ears were ringing and I had instant tunnel-vision. I couldn’t take a breath and was sure I messed myself up pretty bad but I didn’t know if the driver would still be able to shoot so I reached under and lifted the car. Yeah – I TIPPED OVER A CAR! Right onto its side.

I was pretty sure I ruptured and broke multiple important parts of my body and the pain was intensifying. I tried to turn around and run back to Gwen’s car but could only stumble a few steps before I dropped to my knees. On top of the pain came an incredible burning sensation and I could only sit there gritting my teeth in agony. Just when I thought I couldn’t take it anymore, the burning faded and along with it, the pain from the impact eased up enough that I could catch my breath. The next thing I knew, someone helped me up and across the lot into Gwen’s car.

Everyone was speaking excitedly as Gwen drove away but the only thing I heard was someone asking if I was hurt. I braced myself as I checked my body for broken bones and gaping wounds but there weren’t any. As a matter of fact, I felt pretty good and told them so. I said that it wasn’t as bad as I first thought and Gwen kinda barked out a laugh before she passed me her phone and told me to play the video she just shot.

I watched it. And now I think I’m about to lose my shit.

Ich bin ein Scheißkopf
Bael's Journal

It has been three weeks since the event. Since my “discovery”, if that’s what you want to call it. I have avoided any sort of awkwardness thus far due to the holiday season, but I will inevitably be asked about (erased) when I return to work. Mein Gott, I cannot even bring myself to write the name.

I have spent most of these weeks alone in my home, trying to keep away from any sort of writing utensils. I have not been successful. Fortunately, the damage to most of my apartment has been easy to clean. I try to focus on other tasks, on my work, anything. But I cannot keep my thoughts away from the rune for long. It almost seems to appear before my eyes, as if to remind me of that day. It also reminds me of my thirst to know more, to understand what this is and what it means. How did this happen, and why? Why me? It is like a dream come true but it is really a nightmare.

Anyway, why am I a shithead? Today, I went out. I needed to buy some things because apparently this new power does not come with any kind of “never hungry” perk (though I can make a drink nice and cold pretty quick). I tried to stay focused, tried to keep the rune out of my head. But all of a sudden, right out in public, it shoved itself to the forefront of my mind. I could not stop myself from tracing it on the side of the building next to which I was standing. As soon as I realized what I had done, I stupidly took off running, which probably drew more attention. I just hope that the bitter cold we have been having lately made the effect a little less noticeable. I did not stick around to find out.

Maybe I can take some vacation time, or call in sick for a while. After all, what is this if not a sickness? It has only caused me torment.

Baeldan Brostigar, January 11, 2016

Brain Dump
Gwen's journal

I hate the color pink. But Mom’s advice was right, it makes the house hard to miss! Granted, I think she was joking when she suggested it, but at least she seems to be trying to accept my chosen career. Business has been great! Just today I had three people waiting in the front room for readings. Oh, and a reporter left a strange voicemail about interest in doing a piece about local businesses or psychics or something. That would be soooOOoooOO COOL to get on the news!! Suck it, dad!! … I’ll check it out later, though.

Mom and dad just don’t get that This is the best way I know how to help people. And I’d rather do this than sit in classes for years just to end up working at a Starbucks. I really should get some room mates, though. I got the house to myself but it can get so lonely.

Something weird happened yesterday. A man walked in with a thunderstorm of emotions. I recognized what his problem was immediately because few situations leave such a strong and mangled signature.

Grief is such a complex beast. It can be triggered by so many things and it’s different for everyone.

“You lost someone,” I said to him. He immediately broke down sobbing and handed me a credit card that I didn’t bother running. He didn’t ask how much I charge or ask anything about the reading. He struggled to speak, but I hushed him and brought him into the reading room. I hoped that the smell of incense would calm him a bit. I offered him tea or water, but he declined. When he calmed down I could see that he was completely engulfed in sadness. But around his heart there was a darkness that scared me. He asked if I could speak to the dead, but I told him no. You see, I’ll let people believe a lot of things about me, but I won’t fuck around with the dead. Just disrespectful.

He didn’t give me much to work with, staying silent the entire time. I had to take a few wild guesses about what he was feeling. When I told him that it wasn’t his fault, the darkness grew and flashed bitterly. I was too afraid to navigate his minefield of emotion so I gave him a vague well wishing and blessing and thanked him for coming in.

He left in a daze. I thought about making sure he didn’t get in a car because driving while over-emotional is just as dangerous as drunk driving but as soon as he stepped outside, I decided to just take the way out. I closed the door and hoped he would be ok.

I feel bad about the whole thing. But, at least I didn’t make things worse. I guess sometimes that’s all you can hope to do.


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