The KoA?

Magic's Journal Entry

After the convention center fiasco the group meets back up at the base. I’m glad it didn’t turn into a hostage rescue because I seriously have no idea how we could pull that off with just me and Cydney.

They told me that Natalie belong to this organization The Knights of Atlantis. They are trying to find out what caused Atlantis to go away and bring it back to the current plane of existence. Yeah, you read that right ATLANTIS and CURRENT plane of existence! I.E. It’s real and exists in another realm. When did the world get so strange? At first I thought we got pulled into some kind of cult but the more questions I ask the more I am intrigued. I agree to hear Natalie out and set up a meeting.

We set up a meeting with her boss Ashton O’Neil. He explains briefly that all of us are descendants from Atlantans which is why we have powers of varying degree’s. Obviously our blood line has been watered down with our ancestors breeding with humans over the many generations but something is causing our hidden gene’s to re-activate. I knew it! I knew that genetic anomaly I found meant something! I don’t share this quite yet since I still don’t really know if I trust these people. Ashton seems to be telling the truth but if you honestly believe something is truthful it won’t appear that you are lying.

Apparently all these talented people from around the world helping build atlantis since they were being persecuted. It’s interesting that atlantis wasn’t a naturally occurring island. Apparently there were many great wars and trust issues to put it simply. Eventually it got so bad the King of Atlantis decided it would be better to just move to a different plane of existence.

In the end we are split on whether we really trust these people or not… Noah is all on board but how do we know these aren’t the people who are kidnapping our people? A shadow agency? Hydra? We ask to be given time and maybe do 1 job as contractors to see how their organization handles things.

Honestly, I am kind of freaking out. The amount of things I believe are science fiction and fantasy that I’m finding out are actually real is a bit overwhelming to say the least… Next thing I know we’ll be suiting up to go on The Voyager or something.



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