Mission Recap - The Gauntlet of Midas

Magic's Mission Log

So, after much deliberation we decide to take on a small item retrieval mission for the KoA. An Atlantian artifact has turned up in a private auction and bought by a private collector. We’re informed that the person that wears it can turn to things to gold with their touch. A..K.A The Gauntlet of King Midas that’s what I’m calling it anyways. Perhaps Midas was real and an Atlantian? I can’t put it out of the realm of possibilities at this point.

Anyways, I have no clue where to even start on this mission. We have Cydney start pulling information, where it was sold and who bought it. We got that information but we couldn’t agree/come up with a feasible plan to get into the guys house. I hesitated to bring it up since I honestly find it kind of embarrassing and it’s gross but I know I could change and look like one of the house workers.

I bring it up to group and they don’t really understand they ask if I can show them. Cydney is super anxious and I close my eyes and let it happen. I make my face change into Cydney’s. She feints and Baelden leaves the room. I am trying to not freak out and I leave and turn myself back to normal. I try and apologize to Cydney but she can’t really look at me right now. Baelden asks for me to do it again while he observes me, I hesitate and do it. He doesn’t freak out this time and asks how it works. I told him I don’t quite understand it myself and it’s pretty new to me.

Noah comes up with the plan to have me look like the house keeper since there is reason for her to be there. Baelden comes up with the idea of creating a replica and doing an Indiana jones type switch. He knows a contact and can have it done in just a few days! We form the plan to scope out the house to get a look inside and the house keeper. Gwen somehow gets the housekeeper to let her in! She is so awesome at acting and persuading people it’s pretty cool. She manages to get a good enough picture of the house keeper and not so good look around. She saw a study which looks like a good possibility for the artifact to be located. We figure out the cleaning schedule and decide to show up on a "day off ".

The target is wearing the gauntlet when he answers the door. I’m not so good at mimicking voices so I try my best at it sounding like her and explain I lost an earring while cleaning the other day. I realized this was probably where I left it. I noticed right away that he is wearing the artifact. Internally I’m freaking out, since I don’t know if he knows what it does and if he does can it turn people to gold like in the story? He let’s me in and I got the kitchen straight away while keeping an eye on him. Luckily, he wanders off to some space in the house. I keep snooping around while my thoughts are wheeling on how I’m going to retrieve the artifact. I make a show of looking in the office and I ask Gwen to keep an eye on him for me so I don’t miss him. She informs where he is and I head up there.

I knock on the door and let him know I have searched every room except this one. Target informs me that I don’t clean this room and before I can even think I sucker punch him and he’s out cold. I have no idea what came over me but I pin him down and remove the glove his is wearing gently and replace it with the replica. I book it out as soon as possible. We return to base and I let Baelden examine it since he is fascinated with all thing magic. We set up a meeting to give the item back to the KoA.

I am so surprised at how well this went considering how it went completely sideways. I hope the cleaning lady doesn’t loose her job and we seriously need to give our selves more credit. I don’t know how we pulled this off but it was pretty freaking awesome!



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