Mission Log - Convention Center

Magic's Mission Journal Recap

Our team seems to be really coming together. We are getting more solid footing each time we try out this “super hero” thing. If I could tell the 8 year old me that one day I would develop into this super human she wouldn’t believe it, yet here I am with other individuals in a similar situations. We have a themed look now which solidifies it even more; we’re full blown vigilante’s now.

We had Cydney use TED to look for possible issues coming up and it reported back something was going to go down at the convention center.We got badges and reasons to be there. We split up to cover more ground. Natalie and I are assigned to the upper floor where the more elite clients are going to be showing. Soon after we arrive Gwen and Natalie noticed the odd movements of groups of people. They planned on bombing the place. We tried to com each other to communicate what was happening but we were being jammed. I’m assuming Gwen flipped a fire alarm and chaos ensued. Guns we’re going off and Natalie seemed to have everything under control up here so I ran to go help downstairs where the team members were being scattered. Gwen was trying to herd people and held the fallen. I saw Baeldan trying to corner some bad guys and Noah burst through the window! That guy is crazy but I have to admit that freaking awesome. I wasn’t wearing any protective gear and I’m still unsure how well I could take bullet damage (not exactly something I have tested in the lab) so I was trying to sneak around for a good angle on the bad guys. Then swat came in and started sweeping the place.

I was unsure if they saw us “super-heroeing” since the whole abducting people like us business is still mysterious so we all split up and hid. I went into a group of people that we’re all huddled together trying to blend in and over hear what is going on when they start corralling people and checking everyone’s i.d. I don’t know why but I got a sick feeling in my stomach when I noticed they we’re comparing it to a list. I step out of line and ditch my wallet in a plant. I step away into an alcove and change to look like a random person I saw just a few moments ago.

I try to look upset almost hysterical. When asked for my ID I start almost crying telling the officer that I lost it in all the chaos. I can tell he is skeptical and I give them a generic name as they pass me through. I at least know where I’m at and start walking away towards Steven’s square. I finally get through to Cydney who is freaking out and says everyone else is being held in locked room! I start hustling away and tell Cydney I’ll try and find a way to get back so we can form a plan. I get across the bridge and try and get a hold of Natalie. I ping her and while I was waiting I took a moment to concentrate and get better control of my body. I sprint out to meet her and she starts going back to the convention center. I panic and roll off the bike and start taking off running down the on-ramp of the highway. I can’t believe natalie either betrayed us or someone has powers like mine impersonated Natalie.Either way it was not worth sticking around to find out.

I eventually get back Cydney and she says the group contacted her, something about wanting to meet us with Natalie. There is some major news we have to hear.



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