Sergei Vlček

All smiles and jokes unless it's training or combat


First impressions of Sergi will differ greatly depending on the circumstances. During training or in the field he is serious nearly to a fault. Outside of those scenerios he is rarely seen without a big grin. He loves telling jokes but generally mangles them a little unless he is speaking Czech.

He stands around 5’8" and has well defined muscle but he does not have body builder muscles.This often leads to people underestimating just how dangerous he is. It is not a mistake people make twice.


Born and raised in the Czech Republic. Sergi’s mother was Atlantian, though his father was not. His father left the family when Sergi was 5. He hasn’t seen him since. His mother moved them around a bit only settling for a while when Sergi found and fell in love with boxing. He competed in amateur boxing competitions but was severly injured during a bout with a particular vicious fighter in an international amateur boxing competition.

When doctors told his mother it was likely Sergi would never walk again she dug through her personal belongings and found the old business card from the “Watchtower” representative. She hadn’t trusted the man before, but that was because he was from the west and it was in the mid 70s. She was afraid it was a ruse from the communist party searching for defectors and had declined. With the communist party gone and her only child in dire straights she dialed the number hoping it would still be good decades later. It was and her and Sergi were given green cards and moved to America.

Sergi was given cybernetic implants that not only let him move again, but so much more. She happily took a job in the daycare facility at KoA. Once his training with his new cybernetic enhanced body was complete he applied to join the military branch of KoA. The application was denied due to him being a minor. 2 years later he was allowed to start basic training at 17 due to his persistance and ok from his mother. He rose quickly through the enlisted ranks and has repeatedly declined offers to go to the officer training academy.

Sergei Vlček

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