Magic Mcguire

A young lady with a near perfect balance between brain and brawn.


Loyalty: Ms. Vierra and AAAS (The American Association for the Advancement of Science) an international non-profit organization dedicated to advancing science for the benefit of all people.

Passion: improving the human condition.

Build: Average but toned.
Age; 28


Magic Mcguire is a force to be reckoned with not only in the lab but outside of it too. She is obsessed with training for triathlon’s or any kind of event that will push her to the physical limit. She has even taken on teaching self defense and some kick boxing classes a couple times a month. It free’s her mind to work through complicated issues in her experiments.

Let’s just get the obvious thing out of the way, what kind of name is Magic? Were her parents out of their minds when they named their little girl Magic Mcguire? Nope, in fact she found out from her mom that they had a very difficult time conceiving a child and their last hope was this experimental procedure and what her mom referred to as a little magic pill. It was truly a miracle drug but her mom thought naming her Miracle would be just a little too pretentious.

Now, you can only imagine the type of teasing and what not she received growing up but she would always smile and come back with a witty comment. She couldn’t help it though when people asked “ Was your father a wizard or magician? Do you know any magic tricks?”. She would quickly respond with something along the lines of…

“ What makes you think my father is the wizard? Don’t you know that all magical genetic traits come from your mother? Geez! the muggle education system really is failing…”

Or her favorite
“ (insert random latin words here)”,
“ What did you just say?”
“ Oh nothing, maybe a curse, maybe a blessing; I’m still working on my inflections so it could really go either way at this point I guess we’ll find out tomorrow. ” shrug and smile

Obviously this got her in a lot of trouble in school especially when she would “curse” the mean but dim witted bullies into thinking they had bad luck or their hair would fall out or whatever her little brain would come with spur of the moment. Even though her parents disliked the amount of visits with the teachers and principals through out the years they would often laugh it off over dinner that evening. It was hard to keep up this sense of humor after her mom passed since she was always the one to make the smart remarks compared to her more serious and dry humored father but she kept it up since every time she made a funny quip it was a gentle reminder of her mom.

You see when Magic was only 9 years old her her mother passed away from a rare aggressive form of cancer. Despite multiple consultations with specialists and a variety of treatments there just wasn’t any fighting this terrible disease, medicine simply hadn’t been developed to treat what her mom had at the time. When her mom passed away she promised herself she would learn everything she could about how to cure these deadly diseases that can take lives way too soon.

Shortly after her mother passing she decided to stop hiding how smart she was from her teachers and really apply herself to her studies. She confided in her teacher who helped her get transferred to a new school for gifted students where she met her teacher and mentor Ms. Vierra. Even though Ms. Vierra was only her teacher for one year she remained her mentor on all things from boys to calculous. She was always supportive in trying to help Magic achieve her goals to become a Bio-Engineer specializing in cellular biology. She continues to help her even though it’s been over 10 years since she graduated from her school.

Magic of course graduated early, top of her, got a scholarship offers to the most prestigious schools. While she was in grad school she was making a name for herself in the cellular biology and biochemistry circles. She was advocating big name companies to put more effort into iradicating diseases instead of just treating them. Of course when it came to work it did make her butt heads with some people but she knew that the only way to keep testing her theories was having access to these state of the art labs. She has been making some serious advancements in understanding how and why our cells/genetics work and how to manipulate their behavior but so far her own dna has been the only sample to show any promise. What does that imply? She’s been to afraid to ask that herself.

Magic Mcguire

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