Gwendolyn Sondalie

Madam Gwendolyn | Fortunes • Readings • Tarot


Gwen has always had a talent for reading people. Instead of going to college, she decided to use the money her parents would’ve given her for tuition to buy a house near dinky town. “Gwendolyn Smith – professional psychic” is her business and although she’s not really a psychic, she enjoys telling people what they want to hear because it helps them in some small way. She views herself as kind of a therapist (with much cheaper rates, if you do the math).

Gwen is kind hearted, a little naive, and an idealist. …. but still figuring out who she is and where she fits in the universe. Even though she’s generally well liked, she’s not really close to anyone and she often wishes she could help people in a more meaningful way.

Gwendolyn Sondalie

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