Daniel Jara

Best friend to Magic and one of those people who just know a little too much about everything.


Daniel Jara is of a mutt ethnicity wise but he tends to favor his more south american traits from his mother than his Italian Irish father. He grew up in a family that was very passionate about everything they did in their lives. He has very strong beliefs in what is right and wrong and their isn’t a lot of grey area with him on a lot of issues. This of course has caused some issues over the years but he sticks up for what he believes in fiercely.

When he met Magic in colllege the quickly bonded over their deep mutual geekdom. Even though he didn’t have the same interest in getting to know the human body on a molecular level like her they both were fascinated by the idea of helping the human condition through integrated technology. It was this path that lead to the forums of people talking about genetic mutations and special abilities that sparked Magic’s pursuit on this matter.


Daniel Jara

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