Cydney Beatrice Orgman

Intelligence and grace, wrapped up in a shy and mousy package


Her short cropped red hair is the only mess in Cydney’s world. She lives and works in an office park in North Minneapolis. She is constantly tinkering and working on something. It is her hobby and job. As such she has no social circle and she isn’t very update on popular culture, though she has a huge affinity for superhero and sci-fi.

Cydney was raised in foster care by an older couple that took her in as a baby. She accelerated at school and graduated from M.I.T. at 17. She was heavily recruited and spent some time after graduating working in R&D for a major international corporation. Her lack of social skills and propensity for following whims insured she did not last long in a cut-throat department. She moved back to Minnesota and had enough of a name to start working free-lance. Tackling problems outsourced by companies and selling one-of-a-kind gadgets.


Cydney Beatrice Orgman

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