Ramping Up

Noah's Journal

So after the bizarre encounter with Cupid at the swinger party, we got back to our plan to show off our abilities as a team.
We were alerted by TED that a terrorist attack was imminent at the car show in the convention center. We came up with what I thought was a pretty good plan to infiltrate the venue and search for the terrorist/s as employees of the convention center or car company reps on the show floor.
Bael mentioned that he would bring a gun! I had a private talk with him and I think I convinced him that using a gun would work against our goal of gaining public support.
Cydney worked her techno-magic and got us the credentials to blend in at the show. I was assigned to the maintenance staff and reported to a guy named Frank who seemed too busy to bother with me because as it turned out, he was one of the terrorists!
After I found a trash bin with suspicious equipment in it, I ran into Frank as I was wheeling it outside away from the public. He saw what I was doing and ended up sucker-punching me, knocking me to the ground, and was tying my arms behind my back before I finally had a moment to concentrate on activating my super strength. By the time I finished moping the floor with Frank and discarded the cover-alls that were hiding my suit, all hell was breaking loose inside. I heard gunfire and jumped through a window to find Bael ice-blasting a couple of terrorists holding assault rifles.
Magic and Gwen were taking out terrorists in another part of the building when full-on SWAT showed up and told us to surrender! I kind of freaked out and ran. I got to the sky-way exit before I realized that I’d be leaving my team behind and I’d have to shove my way past some police officers which would’t be cool anyway, so I surrendered.
I was cuffed and escorted to a room where Gwen and Bale were already being held. Bale informed us that some of the authorities were wearing patches that seemed strange and he thought they were from another agency not know to the public.
Yeah. It turns out that Natalie is part of an organization that has members throughout the government and believes that Atlantis is real. Thy believe that the surge in Powered individuals is related to the return of Atlantis and they want us to join them.



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