Prelude to Liquid Torture

Magic's Prelude to Liquid Torture

I was nose deep in some slides comparing different strains of DNA collected from other Atlanteans to find some kind of discernible pattern to help predict what powers may appear, map ancestry and whole list of other things I’m noting down as the results run through the computers.
I whip my head around to see some people run down the hallway with what had to be someone on a gurney and Dr. Gordan hustling behind them.
“Magic! Hurry! Follow me!” he shouts.
I hear blood curdling screams that sound so agonizing it’s cuts you right down to core.
" Pin her arms! Watch out! " shouts one of the medics.
I drop my notes and run out the lab door and start sprinting. I pass Dr. Gordan and burst through the doors.
I feel like I stepped into a sensory deprivation tank as I took in the scene. The entire world went silent and slowed down when I made eye contact with the woman on the gurney. The medics were rushing to her side and yelling at each other as she flails around on the bed like a crazed animal. I take a deep breath and concentrate on making my self stronger. I leap in to help the medics by holding her legs. She screams again and all the muscles in her body tense and distort like you see in those movies when someone is possessed by a demon.
" WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!” I yell at no one in particular as someone comes up to help hold her down. It feels so wrong to see someone in so much pain as I help hold her limbs.
One of the medical doctors I’ve seen around rushes in and gives her a shot, within seconds she starts relaxing and passes out from exhaustion. They start strapping her into the bed; I relax slightly and step away.
" What happened to that person? I know enough to help out in the most basic of situations but this is beyond me… she isn’t you know… possessed is she? ” I mutter that last thought quietly. (I feel weird saying that out loud but I honestly can’t put that out of the realm of possibility these days. I also probably should hold off on watching any scary movies for awhile.)
" There is something far worse than a demon in that poor girl. She is the first victim that has been found alive.” Dr. Sullivan explains. (I noticed he didn’t say possession was out of the question, I will have to follow up on that later.)
" The first one alive! How many victims are there? What is causing this? Why is she here? “ I ask.
Dr. Sullivan replies " The number of victims doesn’t matter. What matters, is helping the person who is still alive. We have someone working at the coroner’s office for the FBI in the cities that alerted us to the strangeness of the deaths. When a toxicology report was ran the system returned no results. It was ran multiple times and even sent to an additional office but the same results were found each time. This conflicted with the obvious signs that the every organ in the body went under prolonged periods of high stress, all the various functions of the organs were producing way above average, this over-clocking caused them each to back fire and kill it’s victims.”

“ Forgive me since I’m not a medical doctor but that sounds like some kind of new drug strain or poison, is there something abnormal about that? Besides that it’s horrendous, it doesn’t explain why she was brought here. Is it because she is one of us, an Atlantean? ” I inquire.
Dr. Richards steps in ” It’s abnormal because the blood sample I was sent from another victim displayed changes to basic cellular structure into something unrecognizable… “ A look of pure disgust crosses his face.” As far as being Atlantean, I don’t know… all the information I’m looking at it’s hard to tell what was there before and what this “liquid torture” changed. That’s where you come in, I’m hoping you can make sense of it all and maybe reverse it.”
I must have visibly paled since Dr. Gordan reached out and held my arm
“ Are you okay?”
" What kind of sick mad science is this? How the … ” I let that all process for a moment and say out loud. “ Reverse engineer this madness? I’ve never done anything like this before but I’ll try my best. I need as much information as possible. Is there any way to get the other bodies?” I start forming a plan and talking to Dr. Sullivan and Dr. Gordan about everything they know and every kernel of knowledge. I’m trying to connect the dots and a flutter of a scary thought crosses my mind.
" What if it isn’t random? What if someone is either targeting us or no… could they be…? " I dare not say this final thought out loud until I have the evidence to prove it. I hope for once that the evidence will prove me wrong.



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