Occult stuff really?

I honestly feel like I’m just going through the motions right now. This new life is exciting but how long can we keep this up without being caught by those guys who were looking for all of us in the first place? Did they just disappear? I’m waiting for them to show up when we least expect it. I hope everyone else doesn’t get superhero goggles and forget what brought us all together in the first place. I’m still pretty shaken about this situation and wake up pretty frequently not just because of the cot situation but I keep thinking one day when I wake up I’m going to wake up in some foreign facility like a specimen in my lab… I hope that doesn’t happen.

On that note Noah is convinced that I am also a robot/cyborg and I keep telling him I’m not but he remains unmoved about it. We do have similar powers and they are activated kind of the same but it’s like deadlock and dead pool more or less the same character but different origin stories. I understand where he’s coming from though, when I first realized I’m different I felt so alone and alien…. I was always questioning if people knew or could tell I was different and if it wasn’t for some deep web friends and who knows now if they were really friends after the incident; it at least kept me sane.

This week has been pretty interesting overall for a superhero. Oh, we’re calling ourselves the guardians now!

TED sent us on a couple of adventures and man a couple of them we’re straight up out of a comic book. The first one I’ll mention feels like something straight out of Saints Row IV crazy level. We get notified that some cops went to a noise complaint and didn’t get a response back meaning a potential hostage situation?

So we decide to roll up to this house and investigate and like I said it was just crazy. The house seemed to be throwing a rocking party. When we walked in through the garage there was (the best as I can describe him) a cherub cupid guy we see around valentine’s day but tween size. There was this weird vibe going on like super pheromones and the officers almost seemed to be love drunk if that makes sense. For the most part I could tell they were in control of themselves but something obviously happened to make them forget their duties.

I was insanely curious about this cherub guy but my gut told me to keep my distance plus Noah, Gwen and the Professor were going into the room anyways. My thought was if that guy does something to them I’ll hopefully be out of range of whatever and get us out of here. I headed upstairs which now that I think about it could have been a bad idea to do alone. I came across this old man getting it on with this lady (not what I wanted to see) and then I found the culprit. There was this sobbing old lady with candles, a strange looking book (kind of like the stuff I’ve seen the professor playing with) and it just read bad news bears all over it. I hollered for the team and Bael came up stairs I knew better than to touch stuff that looks out of the ordinary because well that is just common sense. I showed him the room and we heard this sob story from the lady who summoned, (did you catch that? SUMMONED! As in something straight up from buffy or supernatural or whatever!) that freak downstairs who turned this into a free love fest. How am I the only one not freaking out about this? I mean how, I just I don’t know… I just can’t even right now… I’m going to Bael sometime to get his thoughts on this because WTF! Anyways, she cried that she just wanted some love back in her life and she found this book and it said something about love ya da ya da…. Long story short her husband is the old man in the next room getting his freak on and somewhere along the line Gwen was calming her down and we’re now taking her on a girl’s night out thing? One thing is for sure Gwen is way more compassionate about this kind of thing than me. I feel for the old lady but summoning a straight up whatever that thing was is just too far! I wonder if Cydney has information on occult stuff. This was something I defiantly didn’t plan on getting involved in but after found out about “supers” this isn’t that far of a stretch I suppose.

Anyways, I’m exhausted and need to rest.

Until next time my friends!




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