Gwen's recap 5/14

A Golden Glove Heist

Life has been such a whirlwind, lately. One minute, I was a nobody, reading fake fortunes for poor desperate souls. The next minute, I’m stealing an ancient artifact for a secretive group called the Knights of Atlantis. But I’m not exactly a hired thug. I don’t think. Well… Ok, I’m still a little confused by it.

Since my last update, the team has been pretty solidly formed. We even gave ourselves a fancy group name and uniforms. We figured that we would make a name for ourselves by being the vigilante(ish) group of do-gooders. Stopping bad guys in their tracks and all that what not. Turns out bad guys have bombs, and shit got real when they tried to blow up the minneapolis convention center doing an auto show.

We didn’t have a great plan, but we were there. I tried to raise the alarm and save as many lives as possible by throwing a fire alarm as soon as we spotted trouble. But then we were detained by a mysterious group that acted like the police, but wasn’t exactly the police. In fact, they seemed to have higher authority than the police.

The Knights of Atlantis

KoA claims to be a group that supports the descendants of some Atlantean people – where super powers come from. So maybe I have some long lost Atlantis family? I’m not sure because I haven’t gotten the results of the DNA test yet.

Our first official job for the KOA was “retrieving” (and by that I mean stealing) a golden jeweled glove that apparantly has the power to turn things in to gold. Some rich weirdo in a big fancy house bought it for his private collection. Although, he must not know much about the history of the thing because he didn’t seem to have it properly protected. In fact, the dumbass answered the door wearing the thing.

We handled the situation pretty well considering we don’t have any formal training in this kind of thing. We worked together to form a plan and we used everyone’s (newly discovered) talents to sneak in to Dudeface’s house and steal the glove. It was weirdly not hard. But I guess we’re just more awesome than I gave us credit for!

Dude, Maggy can change her face. How awesome is that?! She also is super smart and super strong…. man, I must be a real distant relative of those bad ass Atlanteans.

Baeldan can write a symbol and turn things in to freezing. Noah is a beast (in the athletics department) and Sydney has a connection to computers that is straight out of the Matrix.

Natalie is this chick we met at a bar. She was about to kick some jerk’s ass, and then she ended up being a member of the Knights of Atlantis. She must be super strong and fast, too.

Oh yeah, what can I do? “I see living people.” Well… and their emotions and heat signatures. It can be useful sometimes, but I’m worried that I won’t be as strong of a team member as the others. I could end up holding them back… or get kicked out. Hope not, I like them. They’re better friends than the losers I used to hang out with in high school.

Anyway, after a successful mission, KOA brought us to their world HQ to finish all the paperwork and stuff that makes us official employees. Mom will be so proud to hear that I have a real job that pays regularly and offers MEDICAL BENEFITS.

tl;dr: Mission successful. Job acquired. Hired by KoA (Knights of Atlantis, not the nationally renowned family friendly campsites.



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