A change of plan

Noah's journal

So it turns out that the mysterious group that detained us is an international secret society with plans to prepare the world for the return of Atlantis…Yep, that looks as crazy in print as it sounds spoken out loud.
Anyway, They asked us to join them after explaining that the source of most super powers was Atlantean heredity and technology. They promised to tell us more once we decided to sign up.
We were a little overwhelmed and decided to remain independent, working with them as an outside contractor for the time being.
It didn’t take long for them to give us a mission; to ‘recover’ an ancient Atlantean artifact called the Infinity Gauntlet that was said to have the power to turn things to gold.
I won’t go into the details here so as not to incriminate us if we’re arrested and brought up on charges, but we ‘recovered’ the gauntlet and turned it over to Natalie, who was acting as liaison between us and KoA. We also informed her that we decided as a team that it would be in everyone’s best interests to sign on fully with her organization.
We were flown to one of their secret facilities and given the tour after signing the paperwork – which was surprisingly mundane corporate lawyer-ese. The place was like a college campus only underground, and we were given the option of living there or ‘off campus’ – and holy sh*t, we’re getting paid something like eighty thousand a year with medical!
Speaking of medical; a Doctor at the facility gave us physicals and I was right! I AM NOT A ROBOT – I’m human, and the Doctor said I was treated with Atlantean technology due to a birth defect. I think Bael and Gwen are Atlantan descendants but I don’t know about Magic yet. I’m sure I’m right about her too; she’s a cyborg like me!


Unless you were programmed to think you’re not a robot!

A change of plan

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