The world at large isn’t quite ready to accept that things previously believed to be the realm of comic books and pulp fiction are very real. Those in power see too much evidence not to believe, some may even be hiding that they themselves posses extraordinary gifts.

One such group is The Knights of Atlantis (KoA). This is a subsidiary of a relatively unknown corporate identity “Watchtower”. A mysterious and privetly held organization led by Ashton O’Neail that, by all accounts, actually has humanity’s best interest in mind. The KoA have a massive underground complex that is in it’s own right a self sufficent city. It is failry sparsley populated currently, locating and inviting people to become citizens is a to priority.

They also claim to know the reason some humans have gifts beyond what was once thought possible; The gifted are descendants of Atlantis. It is from this the KoA derrives their name. Time has disconnected them from the truth and now they work tirelessly both to solve the mysteries of their ancestry and show humanity they are protectors, friends, and at the end of the day, a part of humainty themselves.

Another is the Lemuria. They stand opposed to The Knights of Atlantis. Like their enemies though their name reaches back to history. Where Atlantis was a shinning achievement of Atlantians, Lemuria was a land filled with humans lacking powers. Banding together in the ancient world out of fear and experience with Atlantians that have fallen the same afflictions of greed, circumstance, and evil that prey on all humanity regardless of abilities. On some levels Lemuria holds lessons for modern day humans. It was a land of diversity. All colors and creeds where allowed in Lemuria (as Atlantis). It’s influence even going past physical boarders and transforming from state to organization. The KoA even has evidence that some Atlantians even held prominent roles in the Lemuria government and society.

No one knows what actually happened to Atlantis for sure. The most accepted theory in the tiny community of historians from both sides is that the entire island nation retreated following a massive attack by Lemuria forces.

Differences occur in exactly how the retreat was accomplished and which side started the hostilities that led to the war. Though both sides do agree it was a war. The actual first World War to be precise, commonly refereed to as World War Zero. Some believe echos of this ancient war led to the subsequent ones in modern times.

Lemuria’s history is generally considered to be a collapse in the generations after their enemy vanished and the children of the children turned their backs on the history, no longer believing the fantastical tales of people that could do extraordinary things. The lineage, such as it is, survived in secret societies. Waxing and waning in popularity but never quite dying out. Not every Atlantian was evacuated. Some by circumstance, some by choice.

What is at stake now is that same old fight to belong. To not be feared. Descendants of Atlantis whose lineage contains more human then Atlantian parentage are awakening to their power. Old feuds are sparking to life with most involved unaware this has all happened before.

Watchtower believes this is due to an imminent return of their ancestral home. A return they very cautiously welcome. Is the return to finish an war started eons ago? Will the earthbound ancestors of Atlantis be considered friend or foe? Is Atlantis essential a spaceship or metaphysical missile hurtling on a collision course with Earth? How will humanity react to this reality?

There are more pressing concerns for Watchtower though. Will the world see witch hunts return to common place? Meta-human internment camps? Mccarthy type hearrings? Second class citizen status? There is no shortage of crisis at their feet and their numbers are growing. They have abilities beyond what the planet has seen in millennia, but will it all be enough?


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